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Hello, and welcome to Spies Eats! My name is Kasha Spies and I humbly thank you for joining me on my culinary crusade as I learn and grow as a home chef. Here I will share my victories, losses, and experiences as I try cooking new and delicious foods and taste local restaurants!

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Hello! My name is Kasha I am a 30 year old "unprofessional" chef! I say "unprofessional" because I am not a trained chef, and I am certainly not a professional lol. I have a strong love for both cooking and writing so a good blog seemed right up my alley! 
My goal for this blog isn't necessarily to provide recipes for the world, but more to share my experiences in the hopes to not only help you learn from my failures, but gain your help and knowledge as well! I'd love to create a community that is "in it to win it" when it comes to bettering ourselves as chefs. 
My recipe posts are not your typical "recipes" you'll find in most other blogs. I lay out what I use, and outline my process. I never measure while I cook, so these are all "to your own taste" style recipes. If you try one of my meals, I'd love to hear all about it! Let me know what you did differently and how it turned out!
Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you find something that interests you! 

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