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Chicken and Waffles

I never really could decide how I felt about this dish for such a long time. It sounded weird, but somehow also made sense. I mean, fried chicken and waffles? Sure, ok. And I am still inexperienced as I've never really had chicken and waffles outside of this particular cooking experience. I would say this turned out decent, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

I used good ol boxed mix for the waffles. While the waffles themselves were good, they lacked any sort of flair. Mistake one.

For the fried chicken I used the typical buttermilk and seasoned flour approach. Marinate your chicken in some buttermilk (I added paprika, cayenne, white pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and Cholula) for a few hours. I seasoned the flour with pretty much the same spices lol. But looking back, I think it could be tasty to throw in like a dash of poultry seasoning, or something similar. I do believe I under seasoned my flour though, after all that it seemed a little bland. Mistake two.

So I dredged the marinated chicken in the flour mixture (drip some of the marinade into the flour before dipping the chicken and work it in to get those pieces of crunchy goodness!) then I fried the chicken. First two pieces were way overdone lol. Mistake three. My fryer only goes up to 375°F so it took around 8-10 minutes (I used chicken breasts that I cut in half for thinner pieces). Just keep an eye on it and when they're golden brown stick a meat thermometer in them to make sure they're 165°F.

HOWEVER, the final product was still tasty! Drizzled with some syrup and/or hot honey. Oh yes. Plus I served this with homemade coleslaw and (not homemade) french fries! And let me tell you... I DID put coleslaw ON my chicken and waffles at one point and it WAS phenomenal. Just so you know 👌


Sorry, this was the only picture I took.

Tell me about your first experience with chicken and waffles! Did you love it, or hate it? Where did you have it?

Next time, I'm adding bacon!

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